In a world that strives to break new thresholds and beat records, where the word ‘more’ automatically puts a light on everyone’s eyes and most people’s efforts are pushed to the limit for mere competitive purposes, that’s where I decided to set camp and create my own zen production pod of creativity.

As a well-travelled architect who studied a more classical approach to design, I developed a broad sense of the all-encompassing world creative minds live in.  As a wife & mother, I had my share of work to do in the kitchen.  Routine and responsibility soon led to interest and entertainment.  Of course, this wasn’t so hard for me, since food has always been a great weakness of mine.  The possibilities, the variety, the results, the tastes!  And what better way to bring people together than through a delicious meal with great conversation?  I therefore began to indulge in the therapeutic aspect of cooking, finding a lovely balance between measurements & processes that enticed the nerd in me, and feeding my family & friends my own homemade creations, made with tender love & care from the warmth of our tiny kitchen.

Through this rather easy and creative way of sharing my adventures in cooking with my family and now the rest of the world, I decided to document my amateur attempts to become a self-proclaimed chef, self-taught in my own tiny unprofessional kitchen.  Whether successful or not, the challenge I set upon myself has been accepted and I hope to encourage anyone out there to try and find some comfort and joy in their own kitchen as well!