#165 risalamande

This delicious Danish Christmas dessert has me reminiscing on the days when travel was easily possible & life was a little bit easier!

#166 pavlova

Your Christmas Holiday table will never look more fabulous than with a Pav decorating it. A simple, yet amazing dessert, you definitely want to try it yourself!

#149 apple bostock

What a beauty! If there’s such a thing as French ‘French Toast’, this is it! Almonds & rum dress up the family favorite, for a baked delight everyone will enjoy!

#129 apple charlotte

With a punch of rum, this is Julia Child’s version of the classical Charlotte, & my first experience ever with one! One word can describe the adventure: SUCCESS!

#69 arroz con leche

A sweet & simple creamy dessert that takes us all back to our childhood days; arroz con leche is a Latin American staple treat, but this Honduran version is so much easier for those of us who want a wholesome, easy homemade snack.

#32 tres leches

This deliciously moist dessert cake holds a special place in my Honduran heart. A traditional treat in most Latin American countries, the combination of its ingredients yield the perfect balance in texture and sweetness.