#70 empanadas

Yummy treats from the traditional Latin American entourage; making the dough is not as hard as you might think!

#183 appeltaart

Bring a little bit of Holland into your kitchen with this delicious & authentic Dutch apple pie recipe. You wouldn’t imagine the explosion of flavor a little extra spice can bring!

#90 baklava

Popular in Greece, Turkey & through-out the Middle East, it’s probably the best known of all phyllo pastries. Now you can treat yourself to a whole easy & fuss-free homemade pan!

#88 cherry pie

I couldn’t be more proud of my officially self-declared pie expertise! What is it about cherries that warms the heart so? I beg you to join me in my pie-tasting adventures with this yummy recipe, perfect for the upcoming 4th of July fun!

#1 apple crumble pie

A household ultimate favorite to start off my adventures in the kitchen. Who doesn’t love a warm slice of apple pie? Whether as dessert or a snack, it’s always such a delicious choice.