#182 sopa de albóndigas

This traditional classic will have us reminiscing on our childhood. A grandma favorite in many parts of the world, this comfort staple is sure to be the best meal for these Winter days!


#162 pumpkin soup

This yummy & creamy soup is great for some Autumn comfort in November. It’s deliciously loaded with enough to fill up any tummy, and preparation requires no talent at all!

#91 potato coconut curry

Vegan cuisine isn’t particularly our favorite, but this recipe proved to us that it doesn’t have to be boring! A filling & satisfying meal that will leave no room for complaints!

#86 creamy leek & asparagus soup

This healthy, creamy soup is great as a light dinner option! The coconut milk adds a rich flavor that will surely surprise those who refuse to try it!

#73 red lentil soup

A surprisingly delicious (yet not appealing) mush, I assure you red lentil soup is not what you expect it to be, but we were all pretty surprised with the delicious results of this recipe!

#68 black bean soup

A delicious & nutritious bowl of nostalgia! Our favorite tastes from home always fill our hearts & tummies when prepared with care-package ingredients sent over!

#66 carrot gazpacho

With higher temperatures around the globe, this summer is proving to be a really hot one in some areas of the world! Embrace the Iberian summer tradition of chilled soups: a refreshing & satisfying meal perfect for those pool- or beachside days!

#62 tortilla soup

Whoever hasn’t enjoyed a big bowl of tortilla soup with all its delicious garnishes is missing out on of the best dishes Mexican cuisine has to offer! Tortillas, avocados, fresh cheese, and shredded chicken make this a satisfying meal that will surely delight all!

#46 cream of broccoli soup

Think of all the vegetables you could use for cream soups! This simple & neutral cream soup works well with any vegetable, and nothing better for your family than homemade, versus the processed canned varieties.

#18 coconut curry chicken soup

A hearty & full-bodied soup that is sure to satisfy anyone’s hunger! Spicy or not, the exotic tastes of Thai cuisine are easily brought to the comfort of your own home.

#10 chili

A versatile comfort food, adapted to your particular spice factor! A bowl of this filling classic is always a great meal option.

#9 steamed mussel bisque

Want to impress without doing much work?  This recipe is such an easy & inexpensive way to wow your guests.  Deliciously fancy, it serves as a great entrée to any meal.