amidst the pandemic

A year has gone by, and it seems like the new normal isn’t yet all that normal – can you see the light at the end of the tunnel?

working for peanuts

This pandemic year, working for peanuts might have made a whole lotta difference for a starving family in more challenging-than-usual times. Don’t underestimate the power of peanuts.

gathering bear’s garlic

This seasonal plant is here for about a month, and Germans love to make a thing out of it: harvesting it freely & bringing it home for their favorite Springtime foods!

karma, karma, karma kombucha

A drink that needs some explaining to do; let’s learn together why enthusiasts worldwide are all screaming kom-bu-cha!

dance to the beet

This ancient taproot has made its way to our tummies standing the test of time: BEETROOT, do you love it or hate it?

it’s a-stollen my heart

2019 is well off to a good start, and today we bid farewell to our last piece of this traditional Christmas treat: Stollen, fruitcake’s German cousin!

because it’s simple

It’s easier said than done, but behind the dusty curtain that society has put up to make things what they seem to be, lies the truth: LOVE.

roman(esco) holiday

New vegetables always call out to me from the shelves, but this one screeched in vibrant & psychedelic flair: Romanesco has a very interesting story to tell!

sweater weather, autumn cuddles

The season for back to school fun through rich brown & red scattered leaves with a warm Fall wardrobe to keep you warm & cozy; time to pick apples, prepare pies, and choose a Halloween costume!

how ’bout them apples?

From the orchard to the market, that’s how most of us get our apples…but this year was a whole new story for us! Harvesting is wonderful!