#278 vegan coconut curry

a chance to get cleaned up doesn’t have to be a suffering ordeal. #veganuary is a wonderful chance to embrace the growing trend to leave meat off the menu!

working for peanuts

This pandemic year, working for peanuts might have made a whole lotta difference for a starving family in more challenging-than-usual times. Don’t underestimate the power of peanuts.

#177 jalapeño chickpea curry

This vegan curry dish will have you feeling hot-hot-hot! Jalapeños, chili flakes, and hot sauce come together to put a hot picante kick into vegan cuisine!

#144 dal

Veganism is a growing trend nowadays, whether it be for health reasons or as a sign of respect to our fauna, there is a large growing group out there!

#80 barley risotto

Meet pearl barley, a whole new alternative to rice and only one of the many options to healthier meals. Surprisingly versatile, it makes a great stand-in for a less-than-traditional risotto recipe!

#57 refried beans

This delicious mashed bean preparation is one of the most delicious items on our local menu in Honduras. Versatility and flavor are only two of the attributes of this yummy recipe!

#54 o-nigiri

An all-too-famous Japanese tradition, these yummy & easy rice balls were a delightful food experience & I look forward to trying more with a variety of flavors!

#37 bulgur

Another culinary first, this Middle Eastern grain made its debut in our tiny kitchen. We kept it rather simple but look forward to new recipes with bulgur! Suggestions are welcomed and would personally love to try some authentic bulgur.

#8 oatmeal

Not a particularly popular choice of recipe for a blog, but I promise you, you won’t be disappointed: Oats never tasted better!