#277 sweet & minty cherry tomatoes

Sounds a bit odd, doesn’t it? But let me tell you. I was mind-blown! This is so good, and it got my older daughter hooked on snacking on cherry tomatoes, which says a whole lot in itself. This recipe is very special to me, be sure to read the story below! Cherry tomatoes Fresh mint…

#268 spicy beetroot hummus

Easter is here, and it’s a Sunday to remember…stay at home with this yummy superfood, this spicy beetroot hummus is sure to fill your tummy in a good way!

#123 cocktail meatballs

The smallest meatball of them all, perfect for entertaining with the timeless touch of these classic treats! Watch them disappear as your guests enjoy delicious cocktails on a Friday night.

#92 hummus

Ask me what I do with hummus and you’ll get a long list of different ideas! One of the most versatile & simplest of foods, I guarantee you’ll be inspired to prepare it yourself more often!

#31 giblet pâté

Easier than I would have ever imagined, this solution takes advantage of those less than desired giblets, bringing them together to form a delicious spread great for many an occasion.

#30 spinach artichoke dip

This delicious dip will surely have you begging for more, and once you’ve tried making it yourself you’ll never be able to go back to the store-bought kind! Highly recommended, definitely a great recipe for any occasion!

#7 split pea hummus

A healthy, adapted, & kiddie-approved fusion between two cultures, it’s great with fresh veggies and chips. Alternate versions can also be made with different beans!