#160 russian salad

Olivier salad is a popular choice for a table of zakuski on New Year’s Eve! We enjoy it for its delicious & savory simplicity which adds a touch of color to any meal!

#122 buddha bowl

2017 is the year of the Buddha bowl according to sources, and I invite you to take part in the buddha-licious trend inspired by vegans & veggies worldwide!

#89 cobb salad

A great recommendation for everyone! This main-dish salad is an amazing balance of flavors & includes everything you need for a completely satisfying meal!

#75 coleslaw

This tangy side dish is not limited to fried chicken & hot dogs! An All-American classic, you’ll be surprised just how versatile coleslaw is once you have it in your own fridge!

#71 eiersalat

Easter marks one of the biggest holidays in the German calendar, and with it comes the obsession with colored boiled eggs and the infamous Eiersalat that can’t be forgotten for the festivities!

#27 waldorf salad

This traditional American fruit salad can be served in a broad number of settings, but is customarily a holiday favorite as a side dish to the big festive turkey meal.

#19 teriyaki pineapple bowls

Don’t throw out your pineapple shells: check out this creative dinner idea! The sweet teriyaki chicken blend with white rice makes for a simple & delicious meal that will make you look like a pro (without the sweat) when serving out these beautiful bowls.