#179 pabellón criollo

Countries in turmoil, people in distress; what brings joy to their aching hearts & tummies more than an authentic taste of home?

#188 picadillo

This versatile dish closely related to hash has many purposes in a variety of foods in Latin American cuisine; we enjoy it mostly with a simple side of rice!

#111 tuna noodle casserole

Perhaps known as the hands-down family favorite in many a large family home, this delicious casserole is a great quick & easy fix for a hungry pack!

#59 shepherd’s pie

I highly recommend this delicious loaded meal, so simple to prepare with amazing results that go well with Sunday’s rest.

#51 loaded bbq chicken potato nachos

This loaded nacho dish is great as a snack or meal! When prepared with tortillas chips, it’s great with a movie, and when baked with homemade potato chips it turns into a loaded casserole with a variety of flavors!

#39 chicken pot pie

This is a traditional recipe most enjoyed on a lazy, snowy Winter Sunday…the simple ingredients come together for a filling pot meal that needs nothing else!

#5 marmahon ‘a la Honduras’

An intercultural family-friendly dish that will satisfy anyone! Homemade meals from the motherland will certainly find their way here…looking forward to sharing more with you!