#274 salsa de aguacate

I can’t really explain the deliciously fresh taste this sauce brings to your table, I can only recommend you try it yourself! Be sure to read about the hack in the recipe!

#220 strawberry vinaigrette

Summer is here and with it comes the freshness of crisp & tangy fruits & veggies! This dressing is sure to turn your most boring leafy greens into a fresh & tangy salad!

#163 béarnaise sauce

This creamy & rich sauce is a close relative of our other egg-yolk favorite, Hollandaise, and it’s sure to kick your grilled meat to a whole new level!

#25 turkey, stuffing & gravy

A Special Edition for the Holidays, includes all the recipes I prepared from our turkey. They were all fantastic and were made with much love for a lovely private Christmas dinner. Best wishes to all this holiday season!

#23 cranberry sauce

Part of my holiday cookfest, my homemade cranberry sauce has been a much beloved side to our dinner every year. This sweet relish can be made in advance and stored, and it becomes a great jam for breads & muffins afterwards!

#12 bbq sauce

A classical favorite any time of the year, why not try your own experimental kind? This tangy & spicy version makes for a great homemade substitute to the store-bought kind.

#3 basic tomato sauce

A recommended must-have in the fridge for quick fixes! Whether as spaghetti sauce or dipping sauce, this all-natural homemade version is better than the bottled commercial kind any day!