#172 coq au vin

As I embarked into what I thought was a complicated & elaborate dish, I found myself in love with the simplicity & perfection this American classic (made popular by our beloved Julia Child) brings to our home!

#270 pollo chuco

Fried chicken is popular in every culture around the world, what makes this kind unique is its ‘dirty’ serving style, which makes it all the better.

#147 lemon rosemary chicken

A simple & healthy recipe with delicious results, this dish is a great dinner option for all! Rosemary play the leading role, and lemon adds a most delicious kick.

#136 murgh makhani

This authentic Butter Chicken recipe surprised me, not because of its delicious flavors, but because of its interesting story! No easy feat, but definitely a must-try.

#49 jamaican jerk chicken

Give your next grill party or barbecue a spectacular kick with some Jamaican jerk paste! Nothing like the tanginess of a vinegary habanero mix!

# 41 chicken tikka masala

The magical blends of the sub-Asian continent are always enchanting; spices are key! But you’ll be surprised by this quick fix made with a magnificent spice blend that will surely make everyone happy.

#25 turkey, stuffing & gravy

A Special Edition for the Holidays, includes all the recipes I prepared from our turkey. They were all fantastic and were made with much love for a lovely private Christmas dinner. Best wishes to all this holiday season!

#22 chicken nuggets

Everyone loves this yummy homemade batter; so simple to make, its results yield the most perfect golden crunchy chicken nugget, sure to be enjoyed by everyone with any sauce they wish!

#14 beer butt chicken

A rustic but simple way to enjoy a whole chicken, it can be prepared outside on the grill in summer or in the comfort of your warm kitchen in winter. No matter when or where, dig in!