kicking it in karlovy vary

Spa towns are lovely little spots for wellness & relaxation, Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic adds a touch of fairy tale to the mix, making this experience unique & unforgettable!

#94 dutch babies

My first attempt at anything ‘soufflĂ©’ was nothing but a fantastic experience! I was so happy with these little guys, great for a lovely Sunday family breakfast, we enjoyed them down to the last one!

#92 hummus

Ask me what I do with hummus and you’ll get a long list of different ideas! One of the most versatile & simplest of foods, I guarantee you’ll be inspired to prepare it yourself more often!

#91 potato coconut curry

Vegan cuisine isn’t particularly our favorite, but this recipe proved to us that it doesn’t have to be boring! A filling & satisfying meal that will leave no room for complaints!

#90 baklava

Popular in Greece, Turkey & through-out the Middle East, it’s probably the best known of all phyllo pastries. Now you can treat yourself to a whole easy & fuss-free homemade pan!

#89 cobb salad

A great recommendation for everyone! This main-dish salad is an amazing balance of flavors & includes everything you need for a completely satisfying meal!

#88 cherry pie

I couldn’t be more proud of my officially self-declared pie expertise! What is it about cherries that warms the heart so? I beg you to join me in my pie-tasting adventures with this yummy recipe, perfect for the upcoming 4th of July fun!

#86 creamy leek & asparagus soup

This healthy, creamy soup is great as a light dinner option! The coconut milk adds a rich flavor that will surely surprise those who refuse to try it!

#83 lasagna

An adventure on its own, making a rich lasagna dish is hard work. Making the lasagne sheets yourself is a dare I invite all of you to take. Not only is this recipe fool-proof, the rewards of homemade pasta (made by you) adds so much love to this already lovable dish!

#82 elotes locos

An amazing street food tradition from Mexico brought straight to your kitchen. Awe your guests with this easy treat on your next Cinco de Mayo festivities!

#80 barley risotto

Meet pearl barley, a whole new alternative to rice and only one of the many options to healthier meals. Surprisingly versatile, it makes a great stand-in for a less-than-traditional risotto recipe!

#76 asparagus

The time of year when asparagus takes center stage is a unique cultural phenomenon in Germany, I invite you all to take part in our two month Spargelzeit & enjoy some fibrous goodness with us!