sweater weather, autumn cuddles

The season for back to school fun through rich brown & red scattered leaves with a warm Fall wardrobe to keep you warm & cozy; time to pick apples, prepare pies, and choose a Halloween costume!


#151 hot cocoa

Colder temperatures bring with them cravings for a warm mug of hot cocoa, whether it’s regular, spiced, infused, or extra sweet, no one can really resist unicorns & chocolate, right?

#150 applesauce

This delicious & easy treat is so great on your breakfast table. The kids will love it, and you can use it to dress up pancakes, waffles, or just enjoy a plain bowl of it!

#149 apple bostock

What a beauty! If there’s such a thing as French ‘French Toast’, this is it! Almonds & rum dress up the family favorite, for a baked delight everyone will enjoy!

#147 lemon rosemary chicken

A simple & healthy recipe with delicious results, this dish is a great dinner option for all! Rosemary play the leading role, and lemon adds a most delicious kick.

#145 toasted pumpkin seeds

A wonderful source of nutrients & protein, these heathy little snack bits can be enjoyed solo or as a garnish for a great number of meals!

#144 dal

Veganism is a growing trend nowadays, whether it be for health reasons or as a sign of respect to our fauna, there is a large growing group out there!

#141 crème pâtissière

Whichever way we decide to call it, this delicious pastry cream is perfect as a warm comfort snack or as the magical touch to many a popular dessert!

#140 poached apples

A good reason for eating fruits raw is to retain their maximum nutritional value…but who said that was the only way?!

#138 snickerdoodles

This simple, classic cookie is a delicioius American staple ready to warm your tummy with a tall glass of milk. Time to fill up the cookie jar!

#137 chiles en nogada

Independence Day festivities are celebrated in September in many Latin American countries, and this delicacy takes Mexican cuisine to a whole new level in my book!

#136 chicken makhani

This authentic Butter Chicken recipe surprised me, not because of its delicious flavors, but because of its interesting story! No easy feat, but definitely a must-try.