#36 baleada

This is the ultimate national delicacy: famous for its simplicity and adored by everyone, local and foreign.

#70 empanadas

Yummy treats from the traditional Latin American entourage; making the dough is not as hard as you might think!

#166 pavlova

Your Christmas Holiday table will never look more fabulous than with a Pav decorating it. A simple, yet amazing dessert, you definitely want to try it yourself!

#176 tamales

Our Happy Holidays | Frohe Weihnachten | Feliz Navidad never tasted better! Tamales are a wonderful way to share the love & spread some cheer all throughout the Christmas season!

#204 sweet potato fries

All hail sweet potato fries! This delicious & savoury snack is great for kids…healthy & nutritious when prepared accordingly: crispy oven-roasted divas!

roman(esco) holiday

New vegetables always call out to me from the shelves, but this one screeched in vibrant & psychedelic flair: Romanesco has a very interesting story to tell!

#175 deep-fried fish

Anything deep-fried usually tends to be fantastic when done right…whole fish is no different! This delicacy is a worldwide treat you need to try.

#162 pumpkin soup

This yummy & creamy soup is great for some Autumn comfort in November. It’s deliciously loaded with enough to fill up any tummy, and preparation requires no talent at all!

sweater weather, autumn cuddles

The season for back to school fun through rich brown & red scattered leaves with a warm Fall wardrobe to keep you warm & cozy; time to pick apples, prepare pies, and choose a Halloween costume!

#150 applesauce

This delicious & easy treat is so great on your breakfast table. The kids will love it, and you can use it to dress up pancakes, waffles, or just enjoy a plain bowl of it!

#144 dal

Veganism is a growing trend nowadays, whether it be for health reasons or as a sign of respect to our fauna, there is a large growing group out there!

#141 crème pâtissière

Whichever way we decide to call it, this delicious pastry cream is perfect as a warm comfort snack or as the magical touch to many a popular dessert!

#138 snickerdoodles

This simple, classic cookie is a delicioius American staple ready to warm your tummy with a tall glass of milk. Time to fill up the cookie jar!

#137 chiles en nogada

Independence Day festivities are celebrated in September in many Latin American countries, and this delicacy takes Mexican cuisine to a whole new level in my book!

#134 apple chutney

Taking pork & chicken to the next level! A delicious condiment, to spread on sandwiches, slather on burgers, dollop on crackers, swirl into yogurt, or plain with a spoon!

how ’bout them apples?

From the orchard to the market, that’s how most of us get our apples…but this year was a whole new story for us! Harvesting is wonderful!

#121 bread pudding

Necessity is the mother of invention, they say! This recipe brings your old stale bread alive in the sweetest, most delicious way possible!

#116 cinnamon roll pancakes

Sweet teeth, rejoice! This delicious fusion of pancakes & cinnamon rolls is a delicious breakfast for all those who dare…kids will certainly love it!

#100 avocado egg salad sandwich

A modern, hipster twist to the classic egg salad sandwich: avocado gives this delicacy a kick that will be sure to brighten up your day!

kicking it in karlovy vary

Spa towns are lovely little spots for wellness & relaxation, Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic adds a touch of fairy tale to the mix, making this experience unique & unforgettable!

#94 dutch babies

My first attempt at anything ‘soufflé’ was nothing but a fantastic experience! I was so happy with these little guys, great for a lovely Sunday family breakfast, we enjoyed them down to the last one!

#90 baklava

Popular in Greece, Turkey & through-out the Middle East, it’s probably the best known of all phyllo pastries. Now you can treat yourself to a whole easy & fuss-free homemade pan!

#89 cobb salad

A great recommendation for everyone! This main-dish salad is an amazing balance of flavors & includes everything you need for a completely satisfying meal!

#88 cherry pie

I couldn’t be more proud of my officially self-declared pie expertise! What is it about cherries that warms the heart so? I beg you to join me in my pie-tasting adventures with this yummy recipe, perfect for the upcoming 4th of July fun!

#82 elotes locos

An amazing street food tradition from Mexico brought straight to your kitchen. Awe your guests with this easy treat on your next Cinco de Mayo festivities!

#76 asparagus

The time of year when asparagus takes center stage is a unique cultural phenomenon in Germany, I invite you all to take part in our two month Spargelzeit & enjoy some fibrous goodness with us!

#71 eiersalat

Easter marks one of the biggest holidays in the German calendar, and with it comes the obsession with colored boiled eggs and the infamous Eiersalat that can’t be forgotten for the festivities!

#69 arroz con leche

A sweet & simple creamy dessert that takes us all back to our childhood days; arroz con leche is a Latin American staple treat, but this Honduran version is so much easier for those of us who want a wholesome, easy homemade snack.

#68 sopa de frijoles

A delicious & nutritious bowl of nostalgia! Our favorite tastes from home always fill our hearts & tummies when prepared with care-package ingredients sent over!

#66 carrot gazpacho

With higher temperatures around the globe, this summer is proving to be a really hot one in some areas of the world! Embrace the Iberian summer tradition of chilled soups: a refreshing & satisfying meal perfect for those pool- or beachside days!

#65 fish tacos

With Holy Week around the corner, how about trying new fish recipes with these delicious tacos? Surprisingly light & satisfying, the berry sauce is sure to delight your taste buds!

#62 tortilla soup

Whoever hasn’t enjoyed a big bowl of tortilla soup with all its delicious garnishes is missing out on of the best dishes Mexican cuisine has to offer! Tortillas, avocados, fresh cheese, and shredded chicken make this a satisfying meal that will surely delight all!

winter blues, spring fling

For those of us who grew up in tropical paradise where the only two seasons are wet & dry, Winter can be a harsh learning experience. Luckily, with the right foods & snacks our bodies can learn to cope with the seemingly extreme conditions.

#57 refried beans

This delicious mashed bean preparation is one of the most delicious items on our local menu in Honduras. Versatility and flavor are only two of the attributes of this yummy recipe!

#51 loaded bbq chicken potato nachos

This loaded nacho dish is great as a snack or meal! When prepared with tortillas chips, it’s great with a movie, and when baked with homemade potato chips it turns into a loaded casserole with a variety of flavors!

#49 jamaican jerk chicken

Give your next grill party or barbecue a spectacular kick with some Jamaican jerk paste! Nothing like the tanginess of a vinegary habanero mix!

#48 quiche

Stuck on meal ideas? Try a quiche; this versatile solution is great for brunch, lunch, dinner, or tea and can be prepared accordingly for each one! Think pizza, embellished!

#42 chia seed pudding

Packed with antioxidants and essential vitamins, chia seeds are an incredibly tasting all natural healthy snack becoming a bigger and bigger part of the health food scene: TRY THEM!

#29 four-egg yellow cupcakes

With this yellow cupcake recipe, we take the first step into learning the art of baking, the importance of ingredients, measurements, processes, & instructions. Not to be taken lightly, the results if followed accordingly are always so good!

#28 eggnog

Nothing is lovelier for the holidays that that special bottle of eggnog in your fridge! Whether as a post-dinner treat for you & your special someone, or as a sweet little something to offer your Christmas company…it couldn’t be more special than serving your own homemade kind.

#19 teriyaki pineapple bowls

Don’t throw out your pineapple shells: check out this creative dinner idea! The sweet teriyaki chicken blend with white rice makes for a simple & delicious meal that will make you look like a pro (without the sweat) when serving out these beautiful bowls.

#17 bacon avocado bomb

Sometimes, our adventures take us places we couldn’t have imagined on our own! Thanks to the Internet, we can try out many new & amazing recipes from ingenious & talented kitchens all over the world. You’ve got to try this one out!

#15 ratatouille

A french vegetable classic, modernized and beautifully served: makes for a lovely & healthy dinner presentation side dish!

a cookbook story

Overwhelmed by the many recipes available online for one particular meal, I realized just how bombarded we are nowadays with inspiration ideas. Use your imagination & find inspiration in your own kitchen, and always have fun!

#12 bbq sauce

A classical favorite any time of the year, why not try your own experimental kind? This tangy & spicy version makes for a great homemade substitute to the store-bought kind.

#9 steamed mussel bisque

Want to impress without doing much work?  This recipe is such an easy & inexpensive way to wow your guests.  Deliciously fancy, it serves as a great entrée to any meal.

reminders of our humanity

Eat like Homo sapiens: pick, cook, share, enjoy. The more we grow as a species, the more disconnected we are with our world. Sadly, not many of us realize just how that affects our entire system.

#5 marmahon ‘a la Honduras’

An intercultural family-friendly dish that will satisfy anyone! Homemade meals from the motherland will certainly find their way here…looking forward to sharing more with you!

#106 bagels & lox

Easy & quick, this is the best solution this Sunday for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or even breakfast for dinner!

#179 pabellón criollo

Countries in turmoil, people in distress; what brings joy to their aching hearts & tummies more than an authentic taste of home?

dance to the beet

This ancient taproot has made its way to our tummies standing the test of time: BEETROOT, do you love it or hate it?

it’s a-stollen my heart

2019 is well off to a good start, and today we bid farewell to our last piece of this traditional Christmas treat: Stollen, fruitcake’s German cousin!

because it’s simple

It’s easier said than done, but behind the dusty curtain that society has put up to make things what they seem to be, lies the truth: LOVE.

#234 tutti frutti

Summertime is here early! The heat, the sun, & lots of yummy juicy fruits are my favorite part of it all – enjoy this refreshing fruit salad on a hot summer day.