#190 rhubarb juice

Aside from its extra tangy & tart flavor, these bright stalks provide plenty of health benefits that can be made into a deliciously refreshing juice!

#151 hot chocolate

Colder temperatures bring with them cravings for a warm mug of hot cocoa, whether it’s regular, spiced, infused, or extra sweet, no one can really resist unicorns & chocolate, right?

#127 apple juice

Nothing tastes better than when it’s fresh & homemade. Nature has a wonderful way of reminding us what’s good for us, and though the experience was not easy, this apple juice serving was the most satisfying my family has ever had!

#28 eggnog

Nothing is lovelier for the holidays that that special bottle of eggnog in your fridge! Whether as a post-dinner treat for you & your special someone, or as a sweet little something to offer your Christmas company…it couldn’t be more special than serving your own homemade kind.