#200 smoked mackerel

Holy Mackarel! Lent is a time for prayer & penance, & as we observe this religious period, our diets also play a role in fasting or abstinence as a way to replicate the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for us.

#178 fiskefrikadeller

New tastes & flavors made their way into my kitchen after our holiday break in Denmark. These delicious fish cakes are a wonderful kid-friendly way to bring fish into your menu this week!

#175 deep-fried fish

Anything deep-fried usually tends to be fantastic when done right…whole fish is no different! This delicacy is a worldwide treat you need to try.

#65 fish tacos

With Holy Week around the corner, how about trying new fish recipes with these delicious tacos? Surprisingly light & satisfying, the berry sauce is sure to delight your taste buds!

#61 ceviche

For those of you unfamiliar with this beachside delicacy, I’d love nothing more than to invite you over to indulge your taste buds! This is my way of sharing & inviting you to try this amazing treat.