#203 herbes de provence

You can be sure to find yourself transported to the French countryside with such a simple & fragrant blend of herbs! A great addition to chicken, vegetables, or stews!

#200 smoked mackerel

Holy Mackarel! Lent is a time for prayer & penance, & as we observe this religious period, our diets also play a role in fasting or abstinence as a way to replicate the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for us.

#191 aloo bhindi bhujiya

Okra is a small, green pod vegetable that offers many healthy benefits. Getting past the unpleasant texture is only a matter of knowing how to cook it best!

#190 rhubarb juice

Aside from its extra tangy & tart flavor, these bright stalks provide plenty of health benefits that can be made into a deliciously refreshing juice!

roman(esco) holiday

New vegetables always call out to me from the shelves, but this one screeched in vibrant & psychedelic flair: Romanesco has a very interesting story to tell!

#188 picadillo

This versatile dish closely related to hash has many purposes in a variety of foods in Latin American cuisine; we enjoy it mostly with a simple side of rice!

#187 carrot cake

A cake like no other, this recipe guarantees a moist & rich bread that pairs perfectly well with a thin frosting, for a sweet decadent treat!

#184 deviled ham

This popular spread was made famous by the paper-wrapped canned product, but it’s so easy to make at home, & so much healthier!

#183 appeltaart

Bring a little bit of Holland into your kitchen with this delicious & authentic Dutch apple pie recipe. You wouldn’t imagine the explosion of flavor a little extra spice can bring!

anchored in amsterdam

There’s a whole lot more to Amsterdam than meets the eye and I’d love to share it all with you. Make sure to make it a destination!