working for peanuts

This pandemic year, working for peanuts might have made a whole lotta difference for a starving family in more challenging-than-usual times. Don’t underestimate the power of peanuts.

#216 jamaican carrot juice

You’ll certainly be thrilled to know what carrot juice is capable of tasting of; say no more, try it out & enjoy this sweet, refreshing treat, just in time for those hot summer days!

#262 rosa de jamaica

A very refreshing beverage to accompany any meal on a warm day, this iced tea will surely enhance your tastebuds with its sweet & tangy flavor!

#266 mango con especias

Summer is here, and we need deliciously fresh snacks to enjoy our fun in the sun! This tangy mango recipe is a unique treat, with a kick!

#271 chamoy

¡Que viva México! and its glorious cuisine…this savory, spicy, sweet sauce is a must for fresh fruit & snacks, but not in the minds of the rest of the world…Mexicans and their spicy obession!

#270 pollo chuco

Fried chicken is popular in every culture around the world, what makes this kind unique is its ‘dirty’ serving style, which makes it all the better.

#269 dalgona coffee

have you already tried the dalgona coffee challenge that’s trending on TikTok & Instagram? the lockdown has definitely been inspiring some of us in the kitchen!

#268 spicy beetroot hummus

Easter is here, and it’s a Sunday to remember…stay at home with this yummy superfood, this spicy beetroot hummus is sure to fill your tummy in a good way!

gathering bear’s garlic

This seasonal plant is here for about a month, and Germans love to make a thing out of it: harvesting it freely & bringing it home for their favorite Springtime foods!

karma, karma, karma kombucha

A drink that needs some explaining to do; let’s learn together why enthusiasts worldwide are all screaming kom-bu-cha!