#183 dutch apple pie

Bring a little bit of Holland into your kitchen with this delicious & authentic Dutch apple pie recipe. You wouldn’t imagine the explosion of flavor a little extra spice can bring!


anchored in amsterdam

There’s a whole lot more to Amsterdam than meets the eye and I’d love to share it all with you. Make sure to make it a destination!

#182 sopa de albóndigas

This traditional classic will have us reminiscing on our childhood. A grandma favorite in many parts of the world, this comfort staple is sure to be the best meal for these Winter days!

#178 fiskefrikadeller

New tastes & flavors made their way into my kitchen after our holiday break in Denmark. These delicious fish cakes are a wonderful kid-friendly way to bring fish into your menu this week!

#177 jalapeño chickpea curry

This vegan curry dish will have you feeling hot-hot-hot! Jalapeños, chili flakes, and hot sauce come together to put a hot picante kick into vegan cuisine!

#175 deep-fried fish

Anything deep-fried usually tends to be fantastic when done right…whole fish is no different! This delicacy is a worldwide treat you need to try.

#170 braised turnips

Turnips are new to me, and I have to say I was delightfully surprised by their unique taste & texture! Welcome to our table, guys!

#163 béarnaise sauce

This creamy & rich sauce is a close relative of our other egg-yolk favorite, Hollandaise, and it’s sure to kick your grilled meat to a whole new level!

#162 pumpkin soup

This yummy & creamy soup is great for some Autumn comfort in November. It’s deliciously loaded with enough to fill up any tummy, and preparation requires no talent at all!

#160 russian salad

Olivier salad is a popular choice for a table of zakuski on New Year’s Eve! We enjoy it for its delicious & savory simplicity which adds a touch of color to any meal!

sweater weather, autumn cuddles

The season for back to school fun through rich brown & red scattered leaves with a warm Fall wardrobe to keep you warm & cozy; time to pick apples, prepare pies, and choose a Halloween costume!

#151 hot chocolate

Colder temperatures bring with them cravings for a warm mug of hot cocoa, whether it’s regular, spiced, infused, or extra sweet, no one can really resist unicorns & chocolate, right?