#134 apple chutney

Taking pork & chicken to the next level! A delicious condiment, to spread on sandwiches, slather on burgers, dollop on crackers, swirl into yogurt, or plain with a spoon!


#129 apple charlotte

With a punch of rum, this is Julia Child’s version of the classical Charlotte, & my first experience ever with one! One word can describe the adventure: SUCCESS!

#128 trulli

Trulli are a great pasta variety for those yummy summer pasta salads! Along with its other small shell siblings, they can be enjoyed warm or cold!

#127 apple juice

Nothing tastes better than when it’s fresh & homemade. Nature has a wonderful way of reminding us what’s good for us, and though the experience was not easy, this apple juice serving was the most satisfying my family has ever had!

how ’bout them apples?

From the orchard to the market, that’s how most of us get our apples…but this year was a whole new story for us! Harvesting is wonderful!

summer sunshine, summer rain

I grew up in an eternal summertime, never knowing how special that really was! Marked seasons have a beautiful quality about them, but my favorite will forever be my warm & happy summer!

#123 cocktail meatballs

The smallest meatball of them all, perfect for entertaining with the timeless touch of these classic treats! Watch them disappear as your guests enjoy delicious cocktails on a Friday night.

#122 buddha bowl

2017 is the year of the Buddha bowl according to sources, and I invite you to take part in the buddha-licious trend inspired by vegans & veggies worldwide!

#121 bread pudding

Necessity is the mother of invention, they say! This recipe brings your old stale bread alive in the sweetest, most delicious way possible!

#120 creamed corn

When I was a child, the supermarket list at home always included the two kinds of canned corn: whole kernel corn & sweet corn cream style…ALWAYS.  My mom prepared one of my all-time favorite dishes, a sort of spaghetti casserole with creamed corn & Parmesan.  Mmm, my mouth waters just remembering it, and I really…

#119 milanesa

A couple of days ago, I posted the all-too-famous recipe for Wiener Schnitzel, which we enjoy oh-so-very much here in Germany.  Breaded cutlets are no German invention, however, and the art of coating a cutlet of any kind of meat with breading or batter and either frying or baking it is actually popular all around…

#118 escabeche

This spicy & fresh combo of pickled veggies will bring life to your tables! A mainstay in Latin American cuisine, it’s a great versatile condiment that lets you store veggies for a while!