#276 avocado toast

Welcome to 2022! A year of brand new beginnings for so many of us around the globe and a whole new outlook on life after the “new normal” has been established worldwide. Managing to survive through the caos & uncertainty of what have been two very long years semi-indoors for many, here’s a simple little recipe to happily dive back into the routine of giving you guys some of the best from my little kitchen here!

  • 2 slices of artisan bread, preferrably whole wheat
  • 1 avocado, sliced
  • Butter
  • Cream cheese
  • Seasoning of choice
  • Salt & pepper

This recipe is really as easy as pie, no instructions really needed. There are, however, a couple of tricks I can share with you guys which make my kids love this for breakfast! Begin by toasting the bread. I personally like to toast it twice on a medium-low setting so that it doesn’t burn, but instead gets firm and crunchy to hold the avocado well. While the bread is toasting, slice the avocado. As soon as the toast is out, spread with butter.

Set the avocado on top of the toast, you can set it sliced like a fan, or mush it all up and spread it. Cream cheese is also an option as a layer between the butter and the avocado. Now the topping is really up to you! We added Tajin to ours today, which is a sort of seasoned salt, much like Lawry’s Seasoned Salt or some of the yummy seasonings from Trader Joe’s. Anything goes, even an egg, sunny-side-up! And if you like spicy, there nothing like a good jab of hot sauce on top of it all.

As we start our day off this morning with this deliciously, nutrient- and energy-packed breakfast, we contemplate getting ourselves organized for the new year. Hobbies, chores, school, work & well, life itself, seem to drown us in a never-ending routine where we will never ever have time to do all those things that make us happy & fill our hearts & souls. Unless, we get organized! And then not only do we MAKE time for our special things, we actually HAVE time to do so much more! And just like that, everything seems to work well for us, all with the right mindset and the undeniable magic of attracting what we really want into our life. So this year, I invite you to get organized and make time for your things, and see what beautiful miracles start to pop up for you. Trust me, it’s beautiful! Guten Appetit!


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