dance to the beet

This ancient taproot has made its way to our tummies standing the test of time: BEETROOT, do you love it or hate it?

#70 empanadas

Yummy treats from the traditional Latin American entourage; making the dough is not as hard as you might think!

it’s a-stollen my heart

2019 is well off to a good start, and today we bid farewell to our last piece of this traditional Christmas treat: Stollen, fruitcake’s German cousin!

#166 pavlova

Your Christmas Holiday table will never look more fabulous than with a Pav decorating it. A simple, yet amazing dessert, you definitely want to try it yourself!

#176 tamales

Our Happy Holidays | Frohe Weihnachten | Feliz Navidad never tasted better! Tamales are a wonderful way to share the love & spread some cheer all throughout the Christmas season!

because it’s simple

It’s easier said than done, but behind the dusty curtain that society has put up to make things what they seem to be, lies the truth: LOVE.

#234 tutti frutti

Summertime is here early! The heat, the sun, & lots of yummy juicy fruits are my favorite part of it all – enjoy this refreshing fruit salad on a hot summer day.

#220 strawberry vinaigrette

Summer is here and with it comes the freshness of crisp & tangy fruits & veggies! This dressing is sure to turn your most boring leafy greens into a fresh & tangy salad!

#205 whole roasted cauliflower

You have got to try this out! Never has making cauliflower been so easy & delicious! Plus, its nutritional value isn’t lost in garnishes & cooking.

#204 sweet potato fries

All hail sweet potato fries! This delicious & savoury snack is great for kids…healthy & nutritious when prepared accordingly: crispy oven-roasted divas!