#279 cabbage rolls

The year is flying by and Spring has sprung. The time of rebirth & fresh beginnings is here and with it comes a chance of renewal in every sense of the word. Our bodies are definitely feeling the energy that comes with longer & sunnier days, and what better way to channel all that energy…

#278 vegan coconut curry

a chance to get cleaned up doesn’t have to be a suffering ordeal. #veganuary is a wonderful chance to embrace the growing trend to leave meat off the menu!

#277 sweet & minty cherry tomatoes

Sounds a bit odd, doesn’t it? But let me tell you. I was mind-blown! This is so good, and it got my older daughter hooked on snacking on cherry tomatoes, which says a whole lot in itself. This recipe is very special to me, be sure to read the story below! Cherry tomatoes Fresh mint…

#276 avocado toast

Welcome to 2022! A year of brand new beginnings for so many of us around the globe and a whole new outlook on life after the “new normal” has been established worldwide. Managing to survive through the caos & uncertainty of what have been two very long years semi-indoors for many, here’s a simple little…

amidst the pandemic

A year has gone by, and it seems like the new normal isn’t yet all that normal – can you see the light at the end of the tunnel?

#274 salsa de aguacate

I can’t really explain the deliciously fresh taste this sauce brings to your table, I can only recommend you try it yourself! Be sure to read about the hack in the recipe!

#275 veggie stir-fry

This simple stir-fry recipe can rescue any boring vegetable in your fridge and make it part of a yummy body-cleansing meal! Detoxing doesn’t have to be so bad!

#165 risalamande

This delicious Danish Christmas dessert has me reminiscing on the days when travel was easily possible & life was a little bit easier!

#172 coq au vin

As I embarked into what I thought was a complicated & elaborate dish, I found myself in love with the simplicity & perfection this American classic (made popular by our beloved Julia Child) brings to our home!

working for peanuts

This pandemic year, working for peanuts might have made a whole lotta difference for a starving family in more challenging-than-usual times. Don’t underestimate the power of peanuts.