#270 pollo chuco

Fried chicken is popular in every culture around the world, what makes this kind unique is its ‘dirty’ serving style, which makes it all the better.

#269 dalgona coffee

have you already tried the dalgona coffee challenge that’s trending on TikTok & Instagram? the lockdown has definitely been inspiring some of us in the kitchen!

#268 spicy beetroot hummus

Easter is here, and it’s a Sunday to remember…stay at home with this yummy superfood, this spicy beetroot hummus is sure to fill your tummy in a good way!

gathering bear’s garlic

This seasonal plant is here for about a month, and Germans love to make a thing out of it: harvesting it freely & bringing it home for their favorite Springtime foods!

karma, karma, karma kombucha

A drink that needs some explaining to do; let’s learn together why enthusiasts worldwide are all screaming kom-bu-cha!

#36 baleada

This is the ultimate national delicacy: famous for its simplicity and adored by everyone, local and foreign.

#106 bagels & lox

Easy & quick, this is the best solution this Sunday for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or even breakfast for dinner!

#179 pabellón criollo

Countries in turmoil, people in distress; what brings joy to their aching hearts & tummies more than an authentic taste of home?

dance to the beet

This ancient taproot has made its way to our tummies standing the test of time: BEETROOT, do you love it or hate it?

#70 empanadas

Yummy treats from the traditional Latin American entourage; making the dough is not as hard as you might think!